As you visit this site you will discover that we are a versatile band. All though our bread and butter is Country music with a mix of New Mexican style Rancheras and Cumbias, Oldies and Disco.  We also get hired from time to time to play specific genres, and with  these custom dates, playing Sinatra, Winehouse, Van Morrison and a "jazzy" style when requested is our pleasure


The new year has started with a bang, Playing Route 66 Casino Thunder Road Steakhouse, Goldstreet Pizza,  Post 49 and and Moose all great venues. Booking Isleta Casino at the 777 salon and working on a few other new venues. 2023 should be a great year for the band.  if you have been to a show recently I am sure you have noticed all the new country songs we have been adding.  We are moving in that direction and with a new Violin player Alex Robnett, she has added to our sound and has opened up our sound even more. Alex is a fantastic player and a great addition.



KANW 2022 CD

KANW 2022 Compilation CD

Pat Reyes song Amanacer Contigo was chosen and is on the 2022 KANW CD. Please call into KANW and request it 

use the button below to hear a review sample of the song Amanacer Contigo